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My name is Lucas Populin and I started The Populin Ranch horse rescue in 2013.  The Populin Ranch is a non-profit charitable organization that provides a viable alternative to equine euthanasia by allowing abandoned and retired horses to live out their natural, productive lives while simultaneously providing opportunities to learn valuable life skills to the disabled and disenfranchised youth of Kern County.

Growing up my father introduced me to horses and the valuable lessons that came by caring for them.  In 2012, I visited some local stables and was saddened by the site of malnourished abandoned horses.  Out of the love and compassion for these animals, I decided it was time for me to give back to my community by starting an organization that would save the lives of abandoned horses while teaching the youth of our community responsibility, accountability, self-confidence and how to make a positive difference.  My goal is to rescue as many horses as possible and to enrich the lives of all the youths that participate in our programs at the Populin Ranch.

Currently, I am employed at Jacobo physical therapy where I provide rehabilitative care to patients as well as help manage the day to day administrative tasks of the office.  I am also a professional athlete and recently have been granted the honor of representing my birth country, Argentina, in the 2018 Olympic sport of Luge.  I am the sole founder of The Populin Ranch, and due to training requirements for the sport I will be out of the country October 2014 through April 2015. I will no longer be able to fund The Populin Ranch out of my own pocket during this period.

Currently we have three rescued horses in residence: Sweetie (14 year old Thoroughbred), Annie (6 year old Quarter breed), and Moe (6 year old Arabian breed).  I do not wish my absence to hinder the lives of these horses; therefore, I am asking for contributions of any amount; please look under the donation tab for additional information.

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