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We are a referral based service and will work in conjunction with your medical provider. However, if you are interested in our PRP treatments you can contact us directly to schedule a consolation. Our PRP treatments are open to the public, learn more below.

Regenerative medicine is a new medical specialty that focuses on harnessing and using your body’s own natural ability to heal itself. It has the potential to repair all types of tissue damage, offering an alternative solution for people who have conditions that are chronic and, often times, require surgery.  An example of regeneration in nature is seen when a lizard loses its tail and has the ability to grow a new one back. While we, as humans, are unable to grow an arm or leg after it has been amputated, we do have an incredible innate ability to repair almost all types of tissue. Think about it:  when your body has a wound, even deep wounds, the wound always heals and the body part (unless the damage is extremely severe) regains its function. The body part is just like it was before it was injured!

No Referral Needed For PRP Services. If You Are In Pain We Can Help You!



One of the most difficult issues that people with chronic pain deal with is understanding why they have pain to begin with.  Most of our patients have seen several other doctors with no result. We believe the basis in any treatment is making the correct diagnosis. Our physicians will spend an average of 45 minutes face-to-face with our patients. We do not use a physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner to perform the initial evaluation. During the consultation, a detailed history of a patient’s pain (its origin, past treatment, current state) is discussed.  The comprehensive examination of the affected body part is also performed. Furthermore, all pertinent, available diagnostic studies are reviewed and discussed with the patient.  We understand that when you come to see us, your problem is not something easy. A detailed, individualized treatment plan is created and worked upon.

diagnostic injections

We use diagnostic injections such as medial branch nerve blocks, sacroiliac joint blocks, and selective nerve root blocks to confirm the presence of facet joint pain, sacroiliac joint pain, and nerve root pain. Through the use of diagnostic injections we create a map of the patient’s body to determine what the different sources of their pain are.




Once a diagnosis is confirmed, there are various types of therapeutic injections that are available to the patient depending on their individual problem. We can help find you what works best for your particular pain and best suits your specific needs.


Medication Management

We understand medication can be confusing and mixing different medications can be dangerous. We provide medication management and focus on anti-inflammatories, neuromodulators, muscle relaxants, and opioids.  Let us help you safely manage your medication!


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