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Q: Why should you get your trees trimmed?


A: Trimming your trees will get rid of dead, damaged and diseased branches which prevents insects and decaying organisms from entering your tree. You can thin out a dense canopy on a tree to increase air and sunlight, resulting in fewer disease problems. Removing suckers and water sprouts will eliminate weak wood and provide more food and water for your tree. Weak and narrow crotches on a tree can split apart as it ages. Remove said crotches to eliminate breaking and tearing of wood. Correct trimming procedures will also create and maintain a strong structure, preventing safety hazards.


Q: When should you trim your tree?


A: Dead, damaged and diseased branches should be removed as soon as possible. The best times to have your trees trimmed is winter to early spring, just before the tree begins to bloom. If you do trim your trees after they have bloomed, wait till the leaves are fully developed.


Q: Can uncared for trees present a fire hazard?


A: Yes, trees that are left unattended and uncared for can present a high risk for fire. Dead trees and even branches dry out and can become highly flammable, especially in the dry Bakersfield heat. It is best to have the dead parts of the tree removed and disposed of professionally to ensure no fires occur.


Q: Can keeping my trees maintained increase my property value?


A: Yes, having well maintained trees can increase the value of your home. The healthier and more aesthetically pleasing the trees, the higher the property value.


Q: Will having a tree save me money?


A: Yes a tree can dramatically impact a home's air conditioning requirements by blocking direct sunlight in the summer. The American Power Association estimates that effective landscaping can reduce a home cooling bill by up to 50%. Then, in the winter, your trees can help block the wind, saving on heating bills. Trees placed appropriately around one's house can also reduce the need for heating by 20% to 50%.

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