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What do we have for you?

Graphic Being offers summer school programs, before and and after school programs, homeschool programs and more. We also offer a variety of art and technology classes throughout the year to students and adults in our “Google-like” environment workspace complete with a secret bookshelf door entrance, elevator hammock swings, hover boards, laser cutter, 3D printers, wide format printers and all the programs and tools one would need to become a Graphic Being!

3D Modeling & CAD Learn to sculpt imaginative 3D models used for gaming, 3D art, product development and much more. Paint like a pro Create with a master of all medias. From oil, charcoal canvas, to digital, we have expert instructors in all fields. Programming Learn to code from master coders, that have developed iPhone apps, games and web content for Google. Animation We will show you how to create ideas and bring them to life!
SIGN UP FOR TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL ART CLASSES HERE! -Class every Saturday and Sunday for adults and kids-
Bridging The Gap

Graphic Being is blending the worlds of programing, creativity and engineering in a progressive learning environment with new cutting edge technologies.  We are bridging the gap between traditional education and current, high tech art and industry specific workplace demands.


Computer technology plays a major roll in every aspect of our daily lives and technology is advancing at a rate that is hard to keep up; therefore progressive technology programs and cutting edge computer education is absolutely necessary in the development of our current generation. Our school is dedicated to instructing individuals on these new and innovative technologies as they come up.


We have phenomenal instructors and also invite renown expert instructors from all over California that have extensive experience in their fields. Their accomplishments demonstrate a greater depth of knowledge in the subjects they teach while bypassing the logistics and waiting time for leading edge information to appear in the formal education system.