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Graphic Being non-Profit MISSION STATEMENT

We provide an art and tech based environment; to expose and educate individuals and underprivileged kids in progressive technologies, to prepare them with marketable skills for the future workforce.


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Graphic Being Non-Profit got its start as a pilot program at St. Johns Lutheran School teaching students advanced technology and integrated art classes which was a huge success. The classes were fueled by the outstanding creations of the students along with the enthusiasm from the parents and faculty. Graphic Being has continued to expand and is always looking for other partnering schools and individuals to join the technology revolution in education.


Graphic being needs your help to continue to grow. Our classes are brimming and we anticipate more growth which means we need a larger facility, more computers, equipment and technology in order to accommodate our students in underserved communities.


Ultimately, We wish to make Bakersfield into its own tech-hub and provide an attractive place to keep our talent from leaving. We envision a 24 hour maker space where Graphic Being classes are held and open up our technology and equipment to the public. Doing this will provide a fantastic intellectual and age-friendly alternative environment to meet other tech-driven and motivated individuals, while simultaneously encouraging creation and cultivate innovation in our community.


We have phenomenal instructors and also invite renown expert instructors from all over California that have extensive experience in their fields. Their accomplishments demonstrate a greater depth of knowledge in the subjects they teach while bypassing the logistics and waiting time for leading edge information to appear in the formal education system.

OUR transformation TEAM
Bryan Atkisson Instructor Alex Castaneda Instructor Frank Madrid Instructor ROB VELLA Instructor
Essie Sineriz Managing Director Jennifer Folkert PR Administrator Emily Hogue Instructor SPENCER LAWHONE Instructor
Bios coming soon!

Graphic Being is funded by the community and still needs your help to continue to achieve its purpose. Your tax deductible donations will go to support our goal to educate and empower individuals within the art and technology fields right here in Kern County! Please contact us to get involved and donate!